Monday, April 24, 2017


What a glorious weekend! Everywhere I looked was inspiration, and I had so many thoughts I wanted to write about (ie: how a lot of climate-change deniers probably have a smaller carbon footprint than academic elitists, a former teacher’s unsurprising unaccredited “degree” prompting me to *shrug*, first communion as Catholic cultural initiation, the irony of modern psychology “discovering” ancient wisdom), but then I brushed those ideas out of the way like a stray hair in my face, and ran outside where life awaited!

::The smells:: grilled food, fresh cut lawn, freshly spread manure, poopy diapers (can’t get away from that one!)

::The sounds:: tractors and lawn mowers roaring, children laughing, a Cajun swing band, Nate’s Youtube mix, my favorite hymn, creaky swings, the sweetest voice saying, “God loves it when you smile, Mom.”

::The tastes:: an impromptu cook-out that got kind of fancy, taco brats from Harper’s Meats, French saison from Lion’s Tail, the grace-filled precious blood and body of our Lord

::The beauty:: Marion Pond transforming from deep blue to the golden glaze of sunset, my two boys snug in the bike trailer, unexpected trilliums and the promise of tulips, the lace of a First Communion veil, flutter sleeves and red lipstick, bubbles dancing around the smiling faces of loved ones

::All. The. Feels.:: feet clipping into pedals for the first ride of the season, the breeze on my face, pudgy hands attacking during mass, the weight of multiple little bodies on my lap, sand sifting through my fingers, heart swell

I wish I could bottle up the collective joy of spring just to take a wiff of it come January. Alas; that’s not the rhythm of life! The next best thing? I’ll do my best to revel in the moments as they come and then post my reflections to read when I need to feel the sun on my face again.

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