Friday, March 24, 2017

A Memory in the Making

This girl turned FOUR today! Where has the time gone!?


If you ask me, four seems like a milestone year for one odd reason. Sure, she’ll be starting school, learning to tie her shoes, and hopefully getting over this threenager business, but even more consequential to me is that four-year-olds develop long-term memories.

Memories are very important to me. I have vivid memories of my own childhood (mostly storybook farm scenes), and I'm somewhat of a closet sentimentalist. In fact, since I’m pretty crappy at living “in-the-moment,” my own version of mindfulness is a convoluted way of being nostalgic about the present that looks something like looking into the future to see myself recalling the present moment as “the good ol’ days” of the past…that makes sense, right!?

Anyhooo… Lou and I had a “girls’ day” today. I let her come up with ideas for what she wanted to do on her birthday, and right there on the top of the list was going shopping to pick out a present. Now, she’s been asking since Christmas to go to a toy store so she can pick something out, and I’ve found lots of reasons why that’s a terrible idea. I pictured her greed for leading to whining and crying  in the aisles while on-looking shoppers glared at the ruin of her fourth birthday.

But then one of my own childhood memories flashed back to me. It was my own fourth birthday, and Mom and Dad took me to a toy-store to choose a present. I remember them seeming irritated as I leisurely perused the aisles, probably tense about my indecision and potential looming meltdown. In the end, I chose a Baby Alive doll with minimal consternation. As it turns out, four-year-olds can be pretty mature.

So, we agreed to let her pick out her own birthday present.

And what did she choose?

Of course, a Baby Alive.

….JUST KIDDING...but that would’ve been pretty crazy!

She actually did think about a Baby Alive, but she ended up choosing some doll accessories and was very mature about the decision-making process. Meanwhile, I spent the day trying to fill her head with some of her first fuzzy memories. As we drove I told her about the Palm Sunday she was born, how she got her name (from her great-grandpa), how she was almost named Elsa (she was born six months before “Frozen” came out!), and how excited I am for her to grow up so we can look back on our memories together! 

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