Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Filling Teeth and Fulfilling Wishes

This girl had two cavities filled today!

...dreaming of warmer days....
This is the girl who cries at every daycare drop-off with only the exception of two days in the half year she's been going. At recess she stays on the bench by the teacher so she won't get a rock in her shoe. We had to move Victor into her bedroom because she was so afraid of the dark. Bless her sensitive, cry-baby heart.

But today at the dentist's office, she went in smiling, and she came out smiling!

I highly recommend First Impressions. They have various locations across the area; we went the one on County B in Shawano. I only stumbled upon them because they were "in network," and I'm really glad I did. The waiting room includes this:

The staff is super-friendly and kid-oriented.

The best part? The exam chairs have TVs above them so kids watch cartoons for the entire appointment. Louisa was so excited to watch Bubble Guppies, and she didn't even think she got a shot. (Or do they have some other way to numb kids now-a-days without needles??)

Overall, it was a great experience!

If it had gone badly, I had seriously contemplated giving her an early Christmas present: a paintable truck that she had chosen at Caroline Implement last week in a horrible parenting experiment. She's been begging to open it every day since.

But since it went well, we executed a different idea I've been thinking about. I headed over to onesimplewish.org and together we bought a gift for a foster child. This organization grants wishes for foster children all over the country. You can choose how much you want to spend, the age range, gender, etc, and read a little blurb about the child you get to bless.

We chose Madison from Washington D.C., who is four years old and likes to dress pretty. She wanted money to go to Walmart and pick out dresses.

Also, Louisa is pretty sure she has curly hair, likes to ride bike, and will choose Sleeping Beauty and Snow White dresses. We talked about how sad she must be to be separated from her family at Christmastime and prayed that she would feel loved.

We even got to write her a note with her gift.

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mom today! I hope she's enjoying herself at the Marion Lion's Dinner Show tonight!

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